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Module maintainer: @tasn

IMPORTANT: This module has moved into core. If you've used it before, please make sure to remove it, as it's now called "tiling" and replaced the old one.


Tiling2 module s a redesign of the Enlightenment Tiling module.

Strong points:

  • Very stable, especially compared to Tiling1.
  • Tiling is done in a tree, so you can essentially tile however you'd like.
  • Good support of floating windows.
  • Approved by TAsn and billiob.

Weak points:

  • Missing pre-set layout (is that a weak point?).

Short How-To

You first need to load the module (from the Core section) and enable tiling on selected desktops from the settings (Settings->Windows->Tiling).
Every new window you open will be tiled and positioned according to the split mode and the currently focused window.
You can now start using the tiling module. However, if you'd like to fully utilise it's you'd need to set key bindings.


  • Show window titles: Toggle showing of window titles (border).
  • Tile dialog windows: When this is enabled, dialog windows will also be tiled.
  • Enable floating split-mode: Add a "Floating" mode to the split mode list. This essentially lets you be in a mode in which all windows opened are floating.
  • The list: Enable/disable desktops you'd like to have tiling in.
  • Padding between windows: Set the amount of padding (empty space) that will be between windows.

Keyboard Bindings

Open "settings->input->key bindings" and set bindings as follows:

  • Toggle split mode: This is the most important binding. It lets you toggle the current split mode of the toggle between horizontal/vertical/floating.
  • Move the focused window up/down/left/right: move the focused window towards the window tiled in the bound direction and swap/split them according to the logic (needs further explanation about the logic).
  • Toggle floating: A quick keyboard shortcut to toggle the floating mode of the window.

Mouse Bindings

  • Swap window: Use this binding to drag a window onto another in order to swap their positions.


Add a gadget to have visual indication of the current split mode.


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