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Enlightenment Development
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Release Cycles

Enlightenment works off of target features for its releases. Each release has a small number of required features which must be completed and tested prior to beginning a freeze and starting the release process.

Target Features

  • E19
    • Compositor rewrite
  • E20
    • Elm widget conversion
    • Compositor API improvements
    • Full, usable, shippable Wayland support

  • E21
    • Improved Wayland support
    • Gadget infrastructure rewrite

  • E22
    • Improved Wayland support
    • Improved gadget infrastructure
  • E23

Feature Freeze Dates


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Commit Message Policy

Messages should be clear and concise. There are no requirements or restrictions. Note that release notes are generated from git shortlog, so the first line is what people will see as a changeset attributed to you.

  • If you are resolving an open ticket:
    • These prefixes work: resolve, resolves, resolved, fix, fixes, fixed, wontfix, wontfixes, wontfixed, spite, spites, spited, invalidate, invalidates, invalidated, close, closes, closed, ref, refs, references, cf.
    • These suffixes modify the resolution: as resolved, as fixed, as wontfix, as spite, out of spite, as invalid
    • These optional nouns are permitted to appear: task, tasks, issue, issues, bug, bug
    • Example: Fix T123, T124 as invalid will close T123 and T124 with an "Invalid" resolution
    • NOTE: This should be at the beginning of the line for readability, but it will take effect from any point in the commit message as long as it is not immediately preceded by another keyword, eg. Reviewers: Fixes T123 will fail.
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