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Enlightenment Ideas
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List with ideas that might be nice to be implemented in some future version of enlightenment:

    • randr: For every new monitor attached (same monitor was no attached before) show a notification that let you on click go directly to the randr config dialog.
    • lockscreen: Allow specific desktop gadgets to be shown on the lockscreen. This needs to keep security implications in mind. Gadgets that come to mind are: clock, keyboard language chooser, etc. Needs to wait for the gadman rewrite. Maybe E20.
    • track configure requests before windows are shown (tasn-pdfpc bug).
    • Enlightenment Control Center: A panel similar to the Settings one where the user will be able to see logs (journald etc), restart services (systemctl), hard disc drive statuses (S.M.A.R.T.), do filesystem related stuff, kill processes and configure things related to the above. Maybe more than that.
  • Multi-monitor configuration: One Xsession with the same virtual Desktops on both monitors, Allow viewing of same set virtual desktops on each monitor. So i can view virtualdesktop3 on monitor 1, virtualdesktop1 monitor 2, etc. It's like 'clone mode' except you have seperate access to the same virtualdesktops from each monitor.
  • Addition of "blank screen" option for mouse and key bindings - maybe a menu entry option too?
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