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Enlightenment Community News
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The Enlightenment Community News are supposed to be a regular news source from the community for the community.
Sources for the news can be stuff from the community (mailinglists, forums, IRC, wiki, ...) and from development channels (SVN).

This Wiki page will collect all relevant information over a certain period, so it can be released as a complete episode on the official blog.

The time for release a episode of ECN will be sunday - if it contains one or more weeks depends on the number of news that are collected over the week, it can be a 1-4 week-period. A release should contain at least 20 lines of text, otherwise the period will be enhanced by a week.


Every episode contains multiple sections so the structure can be similar every time.
The sections are defined here:

  • e17 News (news specific to e17, major fixes and features)
  • e16 News (news specific to e16, major fixes and features)
  • EFL News (news specific to the EFL, major fixes and features)
  • i18n News (new translations or major improvements, only BIG stuff)
  • Application News (new applications in SVN or major features/fixes to existing ones)
  • Developer Requests (developers ask the whole community for testing or feedback)
  • Community Information (meetings, and random stuff interesting for the community)
  • Distributions (news of distributions that use E as their main window manager/desktop)

Feel free to add other sections that will be used on a regular base, otherwise you can add undefined sections to a single episode directly.

Current Episode

Below is the area to work on the next episode, as soon it is released it will be removed from here, so a new episode can start.
There is no need for keeping episodes available in the wiki, as it is available on the mailinglist archives and hopefully a defined section directly on
The Episodes are named in the scheme "ECN $Year/$Week", e.g. "ECN 2009/30" for week 30 in 2009.


ECN 2009/34

e17 News

  • E has a new shiny (figuratively :)) splash screen. changeset:41519 FIXME:insert prepared screenshot
  • Gustavo added an Aspell plug-in to the Everything module. This means it can now tell you how to write words correctly (in multiple languages).changeset:41536 FIXME:insert prepared screenshot
  • Raster worked around the 100% CPU batget issue. It now gets battery changes not as soon they happen, but only in a certain interval. A proper fix for very recent kernel versions is still wanted.changeset:41836
  • He also is working on a successor of the illume module for small touchscreen devices, called illume2.changeset:41883

EFL News

  • Enhance, the Glade/XML based Etk-GUI-Builder is unmaintained and has been moved to "OLD/". So has Extrackt which is based on Enhance.
  • Raster did a big release of various EFL: Eet is now at 1.2.2 (new stable release, no API change but lots of improvements).Various other EFL have been release as snapshot 062, while Elementary is now at the announcement at
  • Turran added two new EFL research projects to SVN: Ekeko, a object/property system and Eon, a canvas/toolkit system.changeset:41542
  • Although raster didn't believe in it, Gustavo is still planning to merge Guarana and Elementary. There are still quite some hurdles to take and it will require time and a lot of help from other people, but it looks like it's going to happen. The first step will be a change in the Evas_Smart_Class system which is currently up to discussion on the mailinglist.
  • Cedric added the ecore_thread_run function to spawn threads that are well integrated with the EFL. This also features automatic detection for CPUs with multithreading functionality (also multicores and so on).changeset:41555
  • Thanks to Dave Andreoli, Elementary finally has a neat file selector widget. Although it's in a really early state, you can already use/test it.changeset:41709 FIXME:insert prepared screenshot
  • Another new Elm widget has been added by Michael Bouchaud: progress bars. Really rare is that the bars can be also vertical and go from top to down or left to right and vice versa.changeset:41710 FIXME:insert prepared screenshot
  • Last but not least, Quaker added horizontal and vertical separator widgets.changeset:41911
  • Brought to you by Hanspeter Portner, Edje finally received Lua support. This means you can now use Embryo and Lua embedded in your Edje files to do awesome stuff. In the long term only Lua will stay, so you better start using it. :)changeset:41802
  • A long missing feature has finally found its way into the SVN: Eina can now count your hamsters.changeset:41727
  • Mikhail Gusarov provided ARGB -> Grayscale64 conversion support for Evas. This should allow to render on gray scale displays like the well known e-Ink displays found in some eBook-readers.changeset:41825
  • According to Vincent, ecore_config is going to be removed soon. Don't forget to change your applications.

Application News

  • Exalt can now create ad-hoc wifi networks.changeset:41638
  • Raster committed his Elementary-based presentation tool (you can find it in trunk/TMP/st/).changeset:41729
  • Watchwolf is currently writing Elementary front-ends for Eyelight. Initial support for the editor is in svn.changeset:41819

i18n News

  • According to Gustavo there are some problems for Arabic EFL users with Fribidi, so Arabic letters won't show correctly. This is caused by a too old Fribidi version, 0.19 is known to work.

Developer Requests

  • Cedric added caching support for the _edje_part_recalc_single function in Edje. This is still not much tested and might cause graphic problems in applications using Edje. If you experience any problems, feel free to report them on the list.changeset:41663

Community News

  • This year's GSoC is nearing its end with the evaluation deadline on August 24th and the announcement of the results one day later.
  • The people of ProFUSION announced their newest work, a EFL powered car entertainment software solution called Memphis. It is based on their earlier multimedia project Canola2 and available completely under a free license with optional commercial support. Let's hope to see this deployed in a production car soon! In the mean time, check out the demo media on their site: Memphis by ProFUSION
  • Following some other projects in this direction, the developers of the Pandora handheld gaming console (which is actually rather a quite powerful linux based tiny notebook) are evaluating e17 as their main desktop for the device.

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