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General suggested changes


  • Have an option that generates the boiler plate code (doesn't update a file, just dumps/creates a new file). See raster's "[E-devel] eolian generate this..." email for more details.
  • Handle eo_part correctly for APIs that support it (current proposal is the part tag on eolian methods/properties, see example)
  • Specify type for events always? (void/null mean nothing)
  • Add a warning for when a property/function name are the same in eolian among different classes in the same inheritance tree.
  • Add a warning to all files starting with "efl_" that lets you know when you document a set/get but not the property.
  • Add a flag that just dumps all of the eo file dependencies of a certain file (useful for build systems).
  • Add an @internal flag (or @private) for EFL internal APIs: We sometimes need those APIs to be EO functions (for inheritance, overriding, ...) but don't want to either document them or let anyone use them. @private makes sense a la C++ where the function is supposed to be called only from the class implementation itself or its "friends". @protected doesn't work since protected APIs should be stable, @beta is for experimental features.

Eolian Language Quick Reference

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