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Enlightenment Developer Day 2013
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Enlightenment Developer Day 2013

20th of October, 2013, Edinburgh, Scotland

Developer Day is on again this year. There are a limited number of places for the event, so please register early. We'd like to thank Samsung Electronics for financially supporting this event and making it happen.

This year we will be asking for a small registration fee for Developer Day that will be put towards hosting all registered attendees for an end-of-day dinner and drinks, so assume your money is being well spent in feeding and watering you for the night.
Please see the Linuxcon Europe site for more information about venue, accommodation and pricing.


Register here:
Note: You do not need to register to LinuxCon in order to attend the dev day.


Developer day is being hosted at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Edinburgh. Please go upstairs from the Lobby to the registration desk starting from 8:30am on Sunday the 20th.


If you wish to give a presentation, please put a quick summary of your proposal here (just a header and a name).

Important note: Please provide contact information (email/user on phab) in case those are not known within the community.

Long presentation (about 40min with questions) :

Carsten HaitzlerEnlightenment - where we are and what is next
Roy Kim/Jaehwan KimAccessibility - EAIL based on ATK and AT-SPI2
Philippe CaseiroWhere is the Enlightenment Community ?
Daniel Juyung Seo (SeoZ)E/EFL on Tizen Platform - History and the usage of E/EFL on Tizen platform. Status of Elementary in a mobile device. (no budget)
Mike "zmike" BlumenkrantzMisc Demos, E roadmap/Q&A
Tom HacohenEo/eo2 - Future plans and responses to trolls (title is WIP). (too soon)
Daniel Willmann & Tom HacohenGit for EFL developers - A presentation + Q&A about Git and how we use it

Lightning talk (about 20min with questions):

Cedric BailOptimizing toolkit and application for power consumption
Cedric Bail & Jean Philippe AndreEvas CServe 2 improvement
ChunEon ParkEnventor - introduce a dynamic EDC editor to make GUI fast and easily
Tom HacohenExactness and Clouseau - using tools to improve the EFL (and apps).
Daniel Juyung Seo (SeoZ)Elm Theme Viewer - Introduction of convenient tool for Elementary application developers and Elementary theme designers/creators. (no budget)
Vyacheslav ReutskiyEdje Theme Editor - Presentation of application. Demo of how to work with it. Features & Direction of future implementation.

Other possible subject to cover : Wayland, Systemd, Merge Tizen requirement into Linux upstream stack, 2D games,...

Are you coming?

We have a vote up to count how many are going:


This is the first draft for the Schedule :

09:0009:15Welcoming people
09:1509:20Cedric BailSchedule of the day
09:2010:00Carsten "Raster" HaitzlerEnlightenment - where we are and what is next
10:1010:30ChunEon "Hermet" ParkEnventor - A dynamic EDC editor to make GUI fast and easily
10:3010:50Vyacheslav ReutskiyEdje Theme Editor - A visual editor for existing Theme
10:5011:10Daniel "JackDanielZ" ZaouiEgui - A visual GUI editor for EFL application
11:1011:30Boris "Billiob" FaureTerminology - EFL terminal emulator killer app !
11:3011:50Mike "zmike" BlumenkrantzDEMOS! - An XMPP application starter and misc demos
13:3013:50Cedric BailEFL - Optimizing for power consumption
13:5015:00Roy Kim/Jaehwan KimEAIL - Accessibility based on ATK and AT-SPI2
15:1015:30Jean Philippe AndreEvas - CServe2 improvement
15:3015:50Daniel "JackDanielZ" Zaoui/Tom "TAsn" HacohenEo - Update on the EFL object model implementation
15:5016:10Cedric BailEFL - Hacking Eina_File for fun and profit !
16:1016:30Tom "TAsn" HacohenExactness and Clouseau - using tools to improve the EFL and its applications
16:3017:10Daniel "asdfuser" Willmann/Tom "TAsn" HacohenGit for EFL developers - A presentation and Q&A about Git and how we use it
17:1017:30PanelQuestion session to developers
17:3018:30EveryoneHacking session - Come with your idea to get help from EFL developers
18:3019:00Slowly move to Lebowski's
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