Enlightenment Developer Day 2014

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Enlightenment Developer Day 2014

Dinner 7pm, Stammhaus Schumacher - 123 Oststrasse

12th of October, 2014, Düsseldorf, Germany

Developer Day is on again this year. There are a limited number of places for the event, so please register early. We'd like to thank Samsung Electronics for financially supporting this event and making it happen.

The event is on at the Radisson BLU Scandinavia Hotel in Düsseldorf. It is free to attend, and we will be meeting up for dinner after the event.

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To attend, please vote for Yes in this vote below. We need this for numbers, so you MUST vote Yes to attend. If you do not, you will not be admitted. It doesn't cost anything, so please do so. YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN TO VOTE OR SEE THIS VOTE BELOW.



Düsseldorf, Germany at the Radisson BLU Scandinavia Hotel.


Some videos are missing due to issues with the recording equipment

08:3008:50@rasterKeynote Opening - Enlightenment and EFL - where it is and where it is goingkeynote-raster.pdfvideo
08:5009:10@stefan_schmidtReleases Status ReportEFL-dev-day-release-status-new.pdfvideo
09:1009:30@reutskiy.v.vEFL Edje Theme Editor status report and DemoPresentation_eflete.pdfvideo
09:3009:45BreakCoffee break
09:4510:25@tasn and @q66Review of Eolian, Eo, Bindings, Interfaces and What's to Comeeo_eolian.pdf
10:2511:05@felipealmeidaC++ and JavaScript bindings for EFL and Elementaryefl-bindings-cpp-js.pdfvideo
11:0511:25@yakov-gEFL Gui Builder Status Report & DemoGui_Builder_Erigo_LinuxCon_2014.pdfvideo
11:2511:30BreakShort break
11:3011:50@ajwillia.msEDI, The Enlightenment IDE - motivation, status and roadmapEDI-summary.pdfvideo
11:5012:10@bluezery and @myoungwoonThe Way How EFL is used in the Tizen, previous, current and future statusEFL_in_Tizen.pdf
12:1012:30@billiobTerminology: beyond the wordsterminology_dev_day_2014.pdfvideo
14:0014:20@stefan_schmidtQA StatisticsEFL-dev-day-qa-statistics-new.pdfvideo
14:2014:40@cedricPerformance review of EFL since 1.8EFL_Dev_Day_-_Performance.pdfvideo
14:4015:20@devilhornsEFL/Enlightenment Wayland Status Report & DemoEFL_Enlightenment_Wayland_Status.pdfvideo
15:2015:35BreakCoffee break
15:3515:55@jpegText filters for evas, demos and future plansevasfilters_jpeg_edd2014.pdfvideo
15:5516:15@cedricAdding vector graphics support to EFLEFL_Dev_Day_-_Vector_Graphics.pdf
16:1516:35@OleksanderEFL Evas 3D extension demonstration of main features - collision detection(collaboration with Ephysics), frustum culling, etc.video
16:3516:55@zmikeSomething with demos
16:5517:15@stanlukCurrent status of AT-SPI support in ElementaryEFL_Dev_Day_AT-SPI-Status.pdfvideo
17:1517:55@raster and @tasnLaunching the EFL Ecosystem into the stratospheremarrakesh.pdf