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Enlightenment Developer Day 2015
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Enlightenment Developer Day 2015

Sunday 4th of October, 2015, Dublin, Ireland


To attend, please vote for Yes in this vote below. We need this for numbers, so you MUST vote Yes to attend. If you do not, you will not be admitted. It doesn't cost anything, so please do so. YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN TO VOTE OR SEE THIS VOTE BELOW.



Dublin, Ireland. Meeting will be held at Trinity City Hotel meeting room: .

Pre-meeting Dinner on Saturday

We though that we might have an ad-hoc dinner with interested people already being at Dublin on Saturday evening. Please gather at 19:00 at the Boat, MV Cill Airne Quay 16, North Wall Quay .


08:30 - 09:00 Coffee and mingling
09:00 - 09:10 Welcome (Cedric & Stefan)
09:10 - 09:35 QA Status Report
09:35 - 10:00 Proposal on migrating from Ecore.Con to EFL.Network
09:35 - 10:00 Update on EFL performance benchmarking
10:00 - 10:25 Eolian - Past Year Experiences and the Future
10:25 - 10:50 Coffee Break
10:50 - 11:15 Escwyp - A Synthesizer Audio Program That Uses EFL/Elementary
11:15 - 12:00 Discussion and task list for Hackathon, preparation
12:00 - 13:30 Lunch (O'Neills on Suffolk Street)
13:30 - 16:00 Hackathon part 1
16:00 - 16:15 Break
16:15 - 18:00 Hackathon part 2
18:00 - 18:15 Wrap up & Good Bye
Leaving for dinner in town. (19:00 The Brazen Head, 20 Bridge Street Lower)


Eolian - Past Year Experiences and the Future (Daniel Kolesa)Eolian, our language independent API description language and library, has gone through a lot of development during the past year. There were several significant design aspects that had to be resolved and some are still remaining. In this talk I will summarize my experiences developing Eolian recently as well as the future plans.
Proposal on migrating from Ecore.Con to EFL.Network (Srivardhan Hebbar)The Ecore Connection Library (Ecore_Con) provides simple mechanisms for communication between programs using reliable sockets. It saves the programmer from having to worry about file descriptors and waiting for incoming connections. This talk proposes migrating from Ecore.Con to EFL.Network. How would the APIs be when migrated from Ecore.Con to EFL.Network class? How does this impact applications? How could the EFL.Network APIs be used? The focus of this talk is to get early feedback and ideas from the community and show the actual work being done on EFL.Network.Url.-
Escwyp - A Synthesizer Audio Program That Uses EFL/Elementary (Jean Rene Dawin)This talk will demonstrate Escwyp and how it uses EFL and Elementary. The program uses unique methods to generate sounds and noises of all shapes which, even if they don't sound very good, at least are nice to look at on the Elementary-made GUI. Jean will talk about problems and positive experiences had during development, future plans, and a little bit about the synthesizing methods. The application is in the last steps of releasing the source code, so everyone can have a look at it and try it out. Meanwhile there are some screenshots available at
QA Status Report (Stefan Schmidt)During the EDD US in March I gave a outlook on what parts of our QA infrastructure needs to get improved. Most noteworthy mandatory test cases for new API's, jenkins builds for incoming patches as phab differentials and an increasing use of exactness for testing changes on an UI level. This talk will give a status report of these ongoing changes. What have been done and what got stuck and what is still ongoing.
Update on EFL performance benchmarking (Cedric Bail)As part of EFL release we try to keep performance in at least the same shape as with the previous release if not better. This talk will give an update on the usual benchmark we use and try to cover a few more benchmark case regarding memory and power consumption to. With maybe pointing to some idea on how to automake this test.


Every participant can choose alone what to work on. If you have nothing on your personal EFL todo list you might want to pick things from the list below.

  • Bugs marked as high in need for a fix:
    • EFL: T2742, T2738, T2727, T2715, T2644, T2285
    • Elementary: T2685, T2377, T2042, T1973,
    • Enlightenment: T2733, T2693, T2432, T2387, T1934
  • Coverity defect marked as high impact:
    • EFL: 1324954, 1324818, 1323088, 1316270, 1316016, 1306604, 1267458
    • Enlightenment: 1298050, 1291837, 1155280, 1039843, 1039801
  • Bring Elementary Coverity defect rate down to 0 again (9 defects right now)
  • Really old Differentials in need for a review:
    • EFL: D1538, D2036, D2072, D2590, D2746
    • Elementary: D2297, D2463, D2515, D2537, D2555, D2575, D2735
    • Enlightenment: D2538, D2661

Call For Papers

A little bit late, but here is the call for paper regarding
Enlightenment Developer Day 2015 Europe that will take place in Dublin
on Sunday October 4th. The location is not currently precisely
decided, but it will be by then !

For this developer day, we would like to get proposition for two kinds of talk :

  • Short, 20 min presentation + 5 min questions.
  • Long, 40 min presentation + 10 min questions.

We will always plan for 5min in between to do all the technical
switch, so you will really have all that time for you.

Content could be technical and describe new feature or advancement in
any application using EFL or EFL itself. It can also be an
introduction to a new tool and application that you want to make the
Enlightenment community aware of.

You have until Sunday September 6th to submit a proposition. It is
better to submit it early as we will review them as they come in and
ask for adjustement if we feel it is necessary.

We may try something new for this event: a little hackaton. So if you
have an idea of what to hack on, you can submit a proposal for this

For the content of the proposal, please provide a good title for it
along with a description of what you plan to talk about that can be
shared on our website. Then send it to


Some pictures


13 Attendees:

  • Anisse Astier (aissen)
  • Bertrand Jacquin (beber)
  • Boris Faure (billiob)
  • Cedric Bail
  • Chidambar Zinnoury (illogict)
  • Daniel Hirt (herdsman)
  • Daniel Kolesa (q66)
  • Ghislain Loaec
  • Jean Rene Dawin
  • Peter Kjellerstedt (pkj)
  • Philippe Caseiro (puppet_master)
  • Stefan Schmidt
  • Tom Hacohen (TAsn)


  • We seem to have theme changes that are breaking existing themes
    • How to detect these better?
    • Exactness for testing

      *20 Expedite test cases identified as stable
    • We can use these as base for performance testing with Expedite on E3
    • Some work already started in the aftermath
  • There might be a possibility to also track memory consumptions with Expedite
    • Cedric to investigate this
    • Could be part of the Expedite Jenkins job as well

Hackathon results:

  • Work on Coverity issues
    • Evas generic loaders down to 0 from 2
    • Elementary down to 1 from 9
  • Problem with missing widget screenshots in our documentation found
    • We need to run make screenshots in examples first before we can run make doc in Elementary

Planning for next years EDD:

  • Following LinuxCon Europe around is problematic as we need local organizers for a good location
    • We do not have the budget to pay LF for doing it
    • Our community is not wide spread enough to cover all this
  • We will aim for one two day event in Europe next year.
    • Paris was choosen as it gives us a good local support
    • Meeting rooms offered over the weekend from OpenWide
    • Dates will be discussed with OpenWide and put in phab for a vote (most likely a weekend in May)
  • Format not yet finalised
    • Some conference style talks
    • Some hackathon time
    • Some kickoff/brainstorming talks with focused work on the subject afterwards
    • Tutorial session
  • Location and date should be fixed end of the year to allow more time for planning
    • CfP will end two months before event to allow for cheaper travel booking and VISA applications

Action Items:

  • Stefan to look into graphing/plotting plugins to be used in Jenkins to plot performance results
  • Cedric to get list with potential dates from OpenWide and put into phab for vote
  • Stefan to start wiki page with format ideas for EDD
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