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You will find some informations about FOSDEM 2013 E meeting here.

FOSDEM takes place in Bruxelles a the ULB.

This year, the E community will plan to have a booth and some talks.

The french community should be there again.

People who plan to attend

  • Tom Hacohen (Coming. Avail at: ML/IRC) - Not sure about the dates/hotel yet. Probably somewhere near Grand-Place.
  • Boris Faure. Arriving on saturday early afternoon, hotel already booked.
  • Tomas Cech (Sleep_Walker) - Friday morning arrival, Sunday evening leaving, NH City Center
  • Daniel Kolesa (q66) - Friday morning arrival, Monday morning leaving, hotel already booked
  • Daniel Willmann - Friday evening to Sunday evening, Hotel Brussels

E related talks

Used to be on the fosdem website, but are now gone so I have no links/full descriptions, but from memory:

People who bring something for the stand and what

Daniel3D printed E-logo

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