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Google Summer of Code 2009 Administrators
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To begin with we will need (at the very least) a few good volunteers.

We need two or more administrators. What is the role of an organization administrator?

An organization administrator oversees the overall progress of a mentoring organization and its students throughout the program. Organization administrators will have different responsibilities depending on the organization, but at the very least they will need to:

  1. Submit the organization's program application to Google;
  2. Act as the main point of contact between Google and the organization;
  3. Respond to any inquiries from Google within 48 hours;
  4. Assign a backup mentor should a mentor be unable to work with a student;
  5. Ensure all program evaluations are completed on time, on or before the deadlines.

If you are interested in being an administrator, please add your name below.

  • Eric (Ravenlock) Schuele
  • Ian (Inc/`Inc) Caldwell

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