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Google Summer of Code 2009 Mentors
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We also need some volunteers to be mentors. Being a mentor will require a significant amount of time and effort. How much is hard to say, but I think everyone can take a good guess considering each would be assisting someone (probably new to Enlightenment) with a "project" which would be more than just a patch. If you are interested in mentoring please add your name below. Please include with your name, your proclaimed area of expertise, as well as any other area you would be willing to mentor in. If your areas overlap with other developers that is a "Good Thing", as one of the things we are responsible for is "a plan for dissapearing developers"

In addition to your time... there are a few other things a mentor needs to provide, have, or contribute. Here is a "Mentor's Checklist":

  1. Must be an active Enlightenment developer with SVN commit privileges
  2. Must have a Google Account
  3. Must commit to being available from April 15th - August 11th.
  4. Please identify a "backup mentor" in case you unexpectedly become unavailable.
  5. Must set measurable project milestones for the purposes of student evaluations

Here is a great article on how to be a good mentor (written by a previous SoC mentor). Please take a few minutes. I think we can all get something out of it.

More good tips on mentoring. (These from Google)

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