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Google Summer of Code 2013
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Flipping Bits not Burgers

Every year Google proposes to help university students spend their summer flipping "bits" not "burgers". As such Google offers "Google Summer of Code". This year's GSoC has been announced and the selection of mentoring organizations is underway. Enlightenment is planning to participate and is in the process of fulfilling the application requirement.

In a nutshell, Mentoring Organizations get selected. These organizations provide mentors for university students interested in getting their feet wet in Free Open Source Software. The program runs for several months over the summer wherein the student works on a project which they, the student, proposed with the assistance and mentorship of the organization provided mentor.


The Enlightenment Project is dedicated to providing advanced graphical libraries, tools, and environments. Currently, the project is made up of three different components: Enlightenment DR16, Enlightenment DR17, and the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries. While we are best known for the Enlightenment Window Manager itself there is a long history of providing advanced libraries and tools to support the window manager and other applications, such as Imlib, Imlib2, and FNLib which extend far beyond the window manager itself in scope.


Participating in Google's Summer of Code is a great experience. Students get the opportunity to get their feet wet in FOSS, make some friends in the open source community, get mentored by already skilled and accomplished open source developers, make a little money over the summer, and more.


Students interested in participating in Google Summer of Code by applying to Enlightenment should:

Connecting with Mentors

Prospective students interested in discussing GSoC with us are encouraged to

  • Join us in IRC on FreeNode in either #e or #edevelop.
  • Send e-mail to

Ideas Page

What to do, what to do?? Students are wholeheartedly encouraged to come up with their own ideas realted to Enlightenment or the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries. This includes new features, enhancements, utilities, and or full fledged desktop applications. But we understand it's difficult to know where to start. We have composed a list of ideas to help prime the pump. It can be found here:

Mentors (The Enlightened)

Mentors are integral to an organization actually being able to undertake GSoC. We have a suitable set of mentors, capable and willing to mentor the ideas on the "Ideas Page". A mentor must be a developer with E commit privileges, must have significant time available over the next several months, and must have deep enough knowledge of the projects they volunteer to mentor in order to guide a (potentially completely new to E) student towards successfully completing the project.

Mentors are very encouraged to read the following informative articles in order to gain a good understanding of the role, it's responsibilities, and some best practices:

The following is the known list of potential GSoC mentors for 2013:

  1. Cedric BAIL (cedric)
  2. Daniel Juyung Seo (seoz)
  3. Tom Hacohen (tasn)
  4. Rafael Antognolli (antognolli)
  5. Mike Blumenkrantz (discomfitor)
  6. Daniel Willmann (asdfuser)
  7. Gustavo Chaves (glima)
  8. Bruno Dilly (bdilly)
  9. Eduardo Lima (etrunko)
  10. Kai Huuhko (kuuko)

Prospective students are encouraged to reach out to any of these mentors (or anyone in the E community) in order to discuss GSoC and/or any potential ideas they may have.

Important Dates

  • MAR 18: 19:00 UTC Mentoring organizations can begin submitting proposals to Google.
  • MAR 29: 19:00 UTC Mentoring organization proposal deadline.
  • APR 1 - 5 Google program administrators review organization proposals.
  • APR 08: 19:00 UTC List of accepted mentoring organizations published on the Google Summer of Code 2013 site.
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