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BitCoin Wallet
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General description

Bitcoin is a very-popular open source P2P digital currency. It has been getting quite a lot of traction, and we think creating a wallet using e technologies will be useful for both projects.


I'm unsure about the state of open-source libraries for the bitcoin protocol, so if non-existent one might need to implement one (get it from the reference implementation on the bitcoin website).

Enlightenment project benefit

Bitcoin is the future, or at least the present, and it's very useful to have a wallet for it using Enlightenment technologies as this might be a way to get more people interested in E, and seeing it's advantages.

Project technical details

  • Mentors
    • Tom Hacohen
  • Skills required
    • C background


The difficulty of this project should be medium and a good opportunity to learn C.

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Mar 29 2013, 8:02 AM