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General Description

We have currently two implementation of an UI for Connman (the network manager). One is written in Python and another one in Javascript. They both have their problem.

The Python one is not finished and doesn't support proxy, vpn and various other network settings configuration. This project could have a goal of adding the missing functionality to the Python UI and improve the Python bindings at the same time.

The JavaScript version is not tested and require still a lot of work. The goal of this project would be to make Elev8 and Enlightenment project work perfectly well, add a Connman Elev8 gadget and provide an application that handle all connman settings well. This project could clearly help finish Elev8 and could maybe be done in conjunction with other Elev8 oriented project.

Another alternative would be all the UI in C with EFL and make it part of Enlightenment. This way it would not add any new dependency and should not require to much work outside of doing the C itself. This option would help Enlightenment, but not the Enlightenment project that much.

Stretch Goals

If all parameter of Connman UI are working fine and the UI is polished enough a few other helper could be integrated. Like :

  • Ophono
  • Privoxy
  • Tor

Enlightenment Project Benefit

Being able to configure easily its network is part of what user expect from their desktop nowadays. Connman has a lot of features and we really need to be able to use all of it to polish our user experience.

Project Technical Details

  • Mentor :
    • Cedric Bail
    • Kai Huuhko
  • Skills required :
    • C, JavaScript or Python background
    • Have network connectivity


The difficulty of this project is assumed to be an easy one and a good opportunity to learn any of those language.

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