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Hard Drive and Partition Manager
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General Description

The idea of this project is to do a partition and hard drive manager in EFL. The side effect of this project will be to provide a working wrapper of libparted in EFL. That library could later on become the basis of a generic installer for all Enlightenment based distribution.

UI description

The UI will display all detected hard drive and their partitioning in a vertical list. Adding or removing them as the hard drive show up or disappear. Then by clicking on one of those hard drive it will become possible to add, remove or modify each partition. Once done, it will be possible to flush all the change to disk.

The UI must remain simple and straight forward. No need for menu or toolbar there.

Enlightenment Project Benefit

The Enlightenment as a project will greatly benefit from this project by providing the first stone for all distribution to build their own installer. It is clearly something that will be useful to the community at large and help it expand.

Project Technical Details

  • Mentors :
    • Cedric Bail
  • Skills required :
    • C background
    • Minutia or VM use


The difficulty of this project is assumed to be a medium to difficult one.

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Mar 27 2013, 6:59 PM