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IRC Client
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General Description

The idea of this project is to do an IRC client that does rely only on EFL. The task would require to extract from terminology the various object that should be reused, like the tab selector or the split screen. The IRC protocol would need to be coded on top of Ecore_Con.

UI Description

The UI should rely get some inspiration from Terminology. Providing a cool UI that fully use EFL and is able to run on various device, think about phone, tablet, tv and not only desktop.

italic textI can't really draw things, but for example the panel describing the list of user on a chan, doesn't need to be displayed during all the time. It could slide in when the mouse get over a part on the right of the screen, a combination key is pressed or when a user connect or disconnect. Same goes for the channel list. To work on touchscreen only, they could highlight a kind of a button on the right that would disappear indicating to the user that typing there would show something.

Also every link to an image or youtube should popup a viewer like terminology does, removing the need to power up a browser for that.

Those are just idea, guideline, into how to do an IRC client that the EFL developers could adopt and care about.

Enlightenment Project Benefit

Enlightenment as a project is done by developers that use it daily. We are trying to have all our tool use EFL and take as much advantage as possible from it. Having an IRC client is a needed step as all EFL developers communicate using IRC. In the long term we should be able to integrate it with other communication application so that you never loose context. This GSoC is just a starting point.

Project Technical Details

  • Mentors :
    • Cedric Bail
    • Daniel Juyung Seo
  • Skills required :
    • C background
    • Know IRC


The difficulty of this project is assumed to be a medium one.

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