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Package Management
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UI Description

The goal of this project is to provide a clean UI to do package management on all possible distribution and possible target. @barbieri did a quick UI design of what this tool could be.

{F482 layout=left, float}

As you can see, the UI focus only on what really matter when trying to update a package or your system. That UI should also fit perfectly well on all possible device where EFL and Enlightenment are running (PC, Phone, Tablet, ...). This UI should be done using EFL with Elementary and using PackageKit dbus API to mange all distribution packaging system. It would be nice to also provide a gadget that would check if your distribution is up to date in your Enlightenment Shelf.

What is yet to be defined by the applicant is if he wants to do it in C or JavaScript. If done in JavaScript, it would be of great help for cleaning up and making Elev8 (EFL JavaScript binding) ready for prime. This means, that doing it in JavaScript would be much more useful for Enlightenment project, but also more difficult as it require to learn more about V8 and the integration of it with EFL.

I, @cedric, would strongly encourage doing the work in JavaScript and help finish Elev8. In that case work on Transmission and Connman should also be doable.

Enlightenment Project Benefit

Enlightenment is used in many distribution and currently none of them have a tool to manage their package except the one provided by their parent Linux distribution. It would be neat and nice to have our own package manager as a way to reduce external dependencies and help Enlightenment Linux based distribution be more appealing. Working on top of PackageKit will help on providing such a tool.

Project Technical Details

  • Mentors :
    • Cedric Bail
    • Daniel Juyung Seo
  • Skills required :
    • C or JavaScript/C++ background
    • Linux distribution mechanism around packaging


The difficulty of this project is assumed to be a medium one.

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