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Idea description

Solver is an attempt to do a useful calculator for Enlightenment as described on Bret Victor website. The reason why Enlightenment doesn't need another calculator is that we already have Everything that give us a shortcut to an dialog box to type a formula and get a result quickly. Using a normal calculator would be much slower than what we already have.

That's why if we do have our own calculator we need to have something that really provide new feature and enhance a classic calculator. Bret Victor design really goes into that direction and @tasn started a small proof of concept named Solver.


The project is mostly about creativity, UI design and having fun with different ideas. There might be some challenges with tracking changes and retaining item relationships with general text changes, but other than that it should be a low level task.

Enlightenment project benefit

Having a powerful calculator is something that is needed for any desktop, but the idea behind this project should make it more useful than what already exist and is available on Linux. Hopefully feeling a blank and attracting people to use and try Enlightenment. It will also push our library a little bit more in regards to text.

Project technical details

  • Mentors
    • Cedric Bail
    • Tom Hacohen
  • Skills required
    • C background


The difficulty of this project should be low and a good opportunity to learn C.

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