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General description

Transmission is bittorrent client that is designed around a client/server model where you communicate with it using a remote RPC. The goal of this project is to do an UI and a Enlightenment gadget for it.

There is three way to implement it either in C with EFL and Azy. This would help demonstrate the use of Azy before we make a release of it. Azy is library designed to make RPC protocol easy in C.

The second way is to do it with Elev8 and help improve it. This option would make sense when combined with one of the other GSoC idea like connman UI and package management.

The third way is to not rely on transmission and help @kuuko with his attempt to do a torrent client in Python. See . This will help improve the Python binding and make it more used by Enlightenment developers.

Enlightenment Project Benefit

All those implementation of this idea would be greatly beneficial to Enlightenment as we want to release an EFL network oriented set of library around Azy, we also want to make Elev8 ready for prime as soon as possible and having a more widely used Python binding would help raise awarness of it.

Project Technical Details

  • Mentors :
    • Cedric Bail
    • Kai Huuhko
  • Skills required :
    • C, JS or Python background
    • Know what bittorrent is


The difficulty of this project is assumed to be an easy one and a good training for C/JS and Python.

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