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Google Summer of Code 2013 Ideas Page
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(Currently a work in progress. Check back frequently. Ideas and structure is being added rapidly.)

Every year Google propose to help university students spend their "summer" flipping "bits" not "burgers". As such Google offers stipends to accepted students for working on projects in Free and Open Source Software.

This year we are trying to gather some proposals for a few fun project. E is many things to many people. One thing E desires to be recognized for is being a full fledged Desktop Environment. In order to do such, several apps or classes of apps must be present. In all apps both desktop and mobile environments must be considered. All of the above project ideas should be implemented utilizing EFL to the greatest extent possible in order to showcase the capabilities of the foundation libraries.

The design goal of all those application is to provide a set of application everyone use daily and push EFL technology further. We started Terminology, Enlightenment terminal, last year and we really did go much further than any other terminal ! This work provided a few guideline for our own set of applications. Each application focus on the content, no need to clutter the UI with toolbar, menu and so on. Only the content should be displayed and anything else will show up when needed. The application should be fast and light, but completely themable (as not everyone has the same test) and use graphical effect to highlight event.


IRC client
XMPP Client
Presentation tool
Image Viewer
Video Player
Music Player

Developers tools

Live memory and mainloop analyzer

Desktop Utilities

Hard Drive and Partition Manager
Package Management


Transmission UI and Gadget
Connman UI and Gadget
A BitCoin Wallet

They're Just Ideas

It is also worth noting, that while we have provided some ideas here, students are wholeheartedly encouraged to engage discussions in #e, #edevelop, or our mailing lists in order to come up with new ideas to propose themselves. We find that students in the past who have brought their own ideas often seem to be more passionate about them and feel a greater sense of ownership. In the end as the student applies to GSoC, they will craft their own full fledged proposal (which can begin with one of these ideas) for submission.

Idea Details

Image Viewer

General Description

EPhoto is a simple graphics viewer application for the Enlightenment desktop.

It can deal with large images, and zoom and scroll with low memory usage.
It has directory views / navigation and slideshow mode.
Its simple interface is very friendly to mobile or tablets, yet fitting desktop application requirements.

To be considered feature complete, it needs to support flipping and rotation images. Since it's built with Elementary, the Enlightenment project widgets toolkit library, some changes are required there, in the
photo widget.

The Elementary photo widget is intended for displaying a photo, for ex., a person's image (contact). Simple, yet with a very specific purpose. It has a decorative frame around the inner image itself, on the default theme. If and while no photo is set on it, it displays a person icon, indicating it's a photo placeholder.

For this task, it should support changing photos orientation, flipping or rotating it.
The API should be consistent with other Elementary widgets.


For the mid-term validation, is expected that:

  1. the widget elm_photo supports flipping.
  2. a test covering this feature should be added to elementary_test test suit

For the final evaluation, we expect:

  1. elm_photo also supports rotation
  2. elementary_test covering rotation
  3. EPhoto should already support flipping and rotating images

Enlightenment project benefit

EPhoto is under development for a few years, but to be largely used by the Enlightenment community, it still needs some features. After this GSoC project is concluded, however, EPhoto will be as feature complete as Eye of Gnome. So Enlightenment users will be able to use it and avoid image viewers depending on other toolkits. So we intend to release a new version of EPhoto after this task is done.

Since it will be required to improve our widgets toolkit library (Elementary) to support these changes, another benefit is to have more powerful widgets, that could be useful for applications to be developed in the future.

Project technical details

  • Mentors :
    • Bruno Dilly
  • Skills required :
    • C background


The difficulty of this project is assumed to be an easy one.

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