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Google Summer of Code
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What is this "Summer of Code"?

To Quote Google: "Google Summer of Code is a program that offers student developers stipends to write code for various open source projects. Historically, the program has brought together over 4,500 students with over 300 open source projects, to create millions of lines of code. The program, which kicked off in 2005, is now in its seventh year." "While the majority of past student participants were enrolled in university or college Computer Science and Computer Engineering programs, Google Summer of Coders come from a wide variety of educational backgrounds and degree programs (Bachelors/Masters/PhDs), from computational biology to mining engineering. Many of our past participants had never participated in an open source project before Google Summer of Code."

GSoC is an exciting opportunity for students to experience the world of Open Source Software. Students get to pick organizations they share interests in, and get to know the community while working on relevant summer projects.

Google maintains a very nice FAQ regarding the event, here. This wiki page shares some common information with the FAQ, but has additional information deemed rather pertinent to our efforts in GSoC.

The official Google's Summer of Code page can be found here


If you are interested in talking with folks specifically about the event you can join everyone at Freenode #gsoc. Additionally you can, of course, join us on Freenode in #e or #edevelop... we would love to discuss the Google Summer of Code.

Mailing Lists

There are four Google Summer of Code program mailing lists:


The Google Summer of Code wiki is here. I encourage folks to visit the wiki. There is some extremely useful information there for mentors, and mentoring organizations.

Mentoring Organizations

What is the role of a mentoring organization?

Each mentoring organization is expected to provide:

  1. A pool of project ideas for students to choose from, publicly published by the mentoring organization as an "Ideas" list;
  2. An organization administrator to act as the project's main point of contact for Google;
  3. A person or group responsible for review and ranking of student applications, both those proposals which tie into the organization's "Ideas" list and "blue-sky" proposals;
  4. A person or group of people responsible for monitoring the progress of each accepted student and to mentor her/him as the project progresses;
  5. A person or group responsible for taking over for a student's assigned mentor in the event they are unable to continue mentoring, e.g. take a vacation, have a family emergency;
  6. A written evaluation of each student participant, including how s/he worked with the group, whether s/he should be invited back should we do another Google Summer of Code, etc.

In addition to these responsibilities, a mentoring organization should actively encourage each student developer to participate in the project's community in whichever way makes the most sense for the project, be it development mailing lists, idling in the project's IRC channel, participating in the project's forum, etc. A truly successful mentoring organization will work diligently to ensure that as many of their students as possible remain active project participants long after the conclusion of the program.

Here is a great link to information regarding the selection criteria/process. Great info there.

Looking for a few good volunteers!


To begin with we will need (at the very least) a few good volunteers.

We need two or more administrators. What is the role of an organization administrator?

An organization administrator oversees the overall progress of a mentoring organization and its students throughout the program. Organization administrators will have different responsibilities depending on the organization, but at the very least they will need to:

  1. Submit the organization's program application to Google;
  2. Act as the main point of contact between Google and the organization;
  3. Respond to any inquiries from Google within 48 hours;
  4. Assign a backup mentor should a mentor be unable to work with a student;
  5. Ensure all program evaluations are completed on time, on or before the deadlines.

If you are interested in being an administrator, please add your name to the GSoC 2011 administrators page.


We also need some volunteers to be mentors. Being a mentor will require a significant amount of time and effort. How much is hard to say, but I think everyone can take a good guess considering each would be assisting someone (probably new to Enlightenment) with a "project" which would be more than just a patch. If you are interested in mentoring please add your name to the GSoC 2011 mentor page. Please include with your name, your proclaimed area of expertise, as well as any other area you would be willing to mentor in. If your areas overlap with other developers that is a "Good Thing", as one of the things we are responsible for is "a plan for disapearing developers"

In addition to your time... there are a few other things a mentor needs to provide, have, or contribute. Here is a "Mentor's Checklist":

  1. Must be an active Enlightenment developer with SVN commit privileges
  2. Must have a Google Account
  3. Must commit to being available from March 18th - August 30th.
  4. Please identify a "backup mentor" in case you unexpectedly become unavailable.
  5. Must set measurable project milestones for the purposes of student evaluations

Here is a great article on how to be a good mentor (written by a previous SoC mentor). Please take a few minutes. I think we can all get something out of it.

More good tips on mentoring. (These from Google)

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