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Introduction to the Enlightenment foundation libraries
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This introduction is VERY old, and as such it's out of date, please see our website instead


An overview of EFL

Kostis Kapelonis <>

NOTE: A version of this document (may not be up-to-date) is available as concepts.pdf

Revision History

Revision v0.111th April 2006KKInitial document. Intro and Evas chapter ready
Revision v0.28th June 2006KKEdje chapter added.
Revision v0.328th June 2006KKEcore chapter and End-Matter added.
Revision v0.354th July 2006KKResources section, EFL stack diagram by Raster.


The target audience of this document are UNIX programmers who are interested in the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL). You must already know C programming. You will not however learn how to program using the EFL. Instead, you will learn why you should program with the EFL. If you ever wanted to evaluate the EFL but did not see any advantages over previous graphic libraries then this document is for you!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The EFL structure
  3. Understanding the Evas Canvas
  4. Understanding the Edje Layout Engine
  5. Understanding the Ecore Infrastructure Library
  6. End matter

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