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There are a lot of active developers who can review your patches, give feedback, opinion and better ideas.

Normally, approved EFL committers (see Enlightenment official site - do this role, but not every committers do this. Some of them may have been retired since long ago, some of them may have went very long-term break.

But the names, in the next table, are "ACTUAL ACTIVE" developers "officially and non-officially" for EFL projects at this moment.
The obvious fact is, the names are not just the registered paper names, but the real active developers.

So, if you write patches and want to get useful & trusty review by experts, please check the below names and detailed domains of them who can really give you a good feedback.

NickNameemailIRCMaintaining/Reviewing Domain(s)
@bowonryuBowon Ryubowon.ryu@samsung.comefl: widgets: toolbar, tab_pager, progressbar
@CHANWoochan Leelwcc0917@gmail.comCHANefl: widgets datetime, clock, multibuttonentry, layout, window, spin, picker, box, #interfaces: ui_range, ui_format, efl: layout engine: events, calc
@DaveMDSDave Andreolidave@gurumeditation.itDaveMDS#python_efl, Espionage, enlightenment_gadgets: PackageKit, Edgar, Penguins, Places, Extramenu
@SanghyeonLeeSanghyeon Jade Leedltkdgus1764@gmail.comeverLEEstefl: widgets: genlist, gengrid, ui_list, ui_grid, ui_item
@HermetHermet Parkhermetpark@gmail.comhermetefl: rendering, efl: canvas
@herbTaehyub dnd, efl: widgets: popup, ctxpopup, selection_manager, cnp, dnd
@Jaehyun_ChoJaehyun Chojae_hyun.cho@samsung.comJaehyun_Choefl: canvas: animation, efl: widgets: naviframe, stack, navigation_layout, navigation_bar, transit, tooltip, grid, table
@jsuyaJunsu Choijunduru019@gmail.comjsuyaefl: widgets: access, atspi, button
@id213sinYoungbok Shinid213sin@gmail.comyoungbokefl: canvas: text, font, efl: layout engine: text, efl: widgets: entry
@kimcinooShinwoo Kimkimcinoo@gmail.comkimcinooefl: widgets: access, atspi
@YOhohoYeongjong Leecleanlyj@naver.comYOhohoefl: widgets: box?
@ManMowerDerek display system: ecore_wl2, ecore_drm2 #wayland
okraStephen Houstonsmhouston88@gmail.comokraenlightenment_gadgets, #Ephoto, efl: widgets, theme
@zmikeMike Blumenkrantzzmike@samsung.comzmikeenlightenment-git efl #refactoring Testing add me if you don't know who to add
@devilhornsChristopher Michaelcp.michael@samsung.comdevilhornsefl: display system: ecore_wl2, ecore_drm2 #wayland efl enlightenment-git ecore, evas, ecore_evas, ecore_x, elementary, elput
@segfaultxaviXavi Artigasxavierartigas@yahoo.essegfaultxaviefl: docs
@netstarAlastair Poolenetstar@gmail.comnetstareio, efreet
@eagleeyeHosang Kimkkhos123@gmail.comEagleeyeefl: widgets: ui_scroller, ui_slider efl: display system :ecore_wl2, ecore_evas
@q66Daniel Kolesadaniel@octaforge.orgq66#eolian efl: docs
@felipealmeidaFelipe Magno de efl: docs efl_cxx efl_mono efl_js
@cedricCedric Bailcedric.bail@free.frcedricefl
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