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Funcionality requirements.


  • configurable size and position
  • Search on top that can search not only in the installed apps but also directories & files. (in places you can configure ie no point in searching in /proc or /dev)
  • Launches with a click on the desktop, with the menu button on the keyboard or with a multitouch tap (3 finger tap?) on a touchscreen or trackpad.
  • You can DND from it to add apps to the iBar
  • Apps list according to which you use/launch the most.
  • Functionality removed (ie Navigate) can be implemented in a Right Click on the desktop menu or things like windows can be added as a separate button/menu on the launcher itself if needed.
  • Top and (maybe) bottom section of the launcher can be customizable. The user can add buttons gadgets (ie search can be a gadget) etc.
  • Items (directories and files) navigated from the Right click menu to be Drag N Dropable.

Everything-like Launcher

Everything is a module that implements most of that, one can search applications, files, navigate folders, windows, settings and even execute operations such as calculator, spellchecker or execute commands. These are all defined using plugins, which register on some patterns (ie: calculator registers on =) and they provide views that are then merged to present the final UI.

However it was implemented long before Elementary was integrated into E and it had to recreate many UI elements, that adds code and bugs.

Just like Bryce is a full rewrite of Shelves using modern technologies and clean design, Everything could be rewritten to use Elementary, in particular elm_sock/elm_plug to push the plugins out-of-process and avoid crashing or slowing the whole WM when these are faulty. The main entry could be a real elm_entry, allowing edit, copy, paste...



@barbieri: this looks like Everything, see ideas above

Right click menu

@barbieri: maybe we could drop the legacy menu and move to "everything-launcher" approach in all cases. Any specific use where Everything would not work?

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