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What is Clouseau?

Clouseau a UI inspection tool for EFL applications. You can create your own Clouseau extensions in order to debug your applications easily.


To understand the mechanisms used by this tool, please refer to Eina Debug wiki.
A wiki has been written to explain how to use Clouseau.

How to use it?

  • Run efl_debugd
  • Run your application
  • Run clouseau_client -l
  • Select your application


  • Autoload first app when only one app running
  • Autoconnect to localhost -- Tom: As said, it's already planned, but with a flag. Because that's not always wanted. -- Btw, it's already now possible to execute "clouseau_client localhost". Maybe define an alias, if that's what you always do.
    • Even better than autoconnect using Avahi. Automatically detect on the local network running instance of clouseau and if only one is available, connect to that one. Also change the UI to display a possible list of option instead of just an elm_entry (basically elm_entry + drop down choice, I have no idea how to do that with elm).
  • Have a live update mode that update the tree as it goes.
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