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EDI - An EFL based / focussed IDE -

Clearly this is a very big project, so development has been split into various milestones. They are set out below and will be updated as work progresses. Please add your thoughts into the appropriate space. We are currently working hard on the "code aware editor" stage but are happy to accept patches for other IDE features as well :)


Basic text editing (complete)

  • ✔ Editing and saving text files
  • ✔ Tabbed browsing of open files
  • ✔ Opening editor in a new window
  • ✔ Displaying directory for the project (directory)
  • ✔ link files out to eternal viewers / editors
  • ✔ No screen waste (toolbar, menu, tab are out of the way of the developer)
  • ✔ info panel with logs and useful output
  • ✔ Create new file

Code aware editor (progressing well - more details at TODO or the roadmap)

  • ✔ Simple build functions
  • ✔ Basic CMake integration
  • ✔ Search in file
  • ✔ Replace in file
  • ✔ Line numbers & go to line
  • ✔ Creation of new projects from name input and skeleton project files
  • ✔ Syntax highlighting
  • Search / replace in project
  • ✔ Integrate Elm Code project (@cedric and
    • Code folding (and expansion for nested display of function call body)
    • ✔ Built in compile warnings
    • Automatic code indenting / formatting (begun - described in Edi Indenting)
    • ✔ Diff rendering
  • ✔ Context suggestions
  • Integrated console
  • Split editor view to show the same file at multiple locations (withn a tab)
  • ✔ Split view so you can divide the editor area into multiple tab panes
  • ✔ Documentation finding
  • ✔ Compilation error message integrated in the flow of code
  • Cross reference for c, c++ and some scripting language
  • Notepad, emacs and vim and editing modes (key bindings)

Basic IDE

  • Refactoring code capability
  • snippets and helpful completion
  • preview / rendering of various other file types
  • EO visual editor instead of just syntax highlighted text
  • version control integration
    • Integrate with git properly
  • Integrated edc editor
  • Integrated edje viewer
  • inline preview and pickers for values e.g. colour, images, fonts
  • LLDB integration
  • Massif integration
  • Memcheck integration
  • Callgrind integration
  • Perf integration
  • Remote connection capability
  • Assist packaging projects for release (distcheck, dist etc)

Full amazing IDE

  • integration between code and design viewers
  • management of build cycle
  • external library / dependency management
  • Suggestions of optimisations and bad code (highlighting slow lines)
  • Static analysis

Would be awesome to have

  • Customisable colours for syntax highlighting
  • Together with the "split pane view", it'd be nice to have an option to reuse the existing editor window for new files
  • Make a "show only the function and its dependencies mode". This mode will code fold everything that is not part of a function (you activate it with a right click on the func name for example), a func that this function is calling, or a type this func is using (or macro or etc...).

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