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Elm Theme Viewer
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Elm Theme Viewer

  • Author: Daniel Juyung Seo (SeoZ) and others
  • Elm Theme Viewer is an EFL(Enlightenment Foundation Libraries) elementary widget preview program. It lists all widgets and styles from the theme. It actually creates widgets with a proper code. This is a very useful program for elementary application programmers, elementary theme creators, and elementary widget developers.
  • Version: v0.1 (not released yet)

Build and Install

$ ./ && make && sudo make install

Command Line Option

$ ./elm_theme_viewer -h
Usage: ./elm_theme_viewer [options]

Elementary theme previewer written with Enlightenment Foundation Libraries.


-t=THEME, --theme=THEME
                        Set the theme to load and parse.
                        Type: STR.
-m, --mobile            Set the mobile view.
                        Set the screen size in WIDTHxHEIGHT format. (300x500)
                        Type: STR.
-F, --fullscreen        Go into the fullscreen mode from start.
-T, --tizen             Run as a Tizen platform mode. Use Tizen internal style
                        s.This enables mobile mode automatically.
-w=WIDGET, --widget=WIDGET
                        Set the widget to launch from command line.
                        Type: STR.
-V, --version           show program version.
-C, --copyright         show copyright.
-L, --license           show license.
-h, --help              show this message.


<Usage 1>
$ elm_theme_viewer

It loads default theme (default.edj from /usr/local/share/elementary/themes) by
default. But you can see the preview of other themes with the following

<Usage 2: Set the theme file>
$ elm_theme_viewer -t ./darkness.edj
<Usage 3: See the help>
$ elm_theme_viewer -h
<Usage 4: Set the mobile mode>
$ elm_theme_viewer -m
<Usage 5: Set the Tizen platform style>
This enables mobile mode (-m) automatically.
$ elm_theme_viewer -T
<Usage 6: Set the screen size>
$ elm_theme_viewer -s 1280x720
<Usage 7: Set the full screen mode.>
This overrides screen size setting.
$ elm_theme_viewer -F
<Usage 8: Set the widget name to start with.>
$ elm_theme_viewer -w check

Supports Features

  • Fingersize change
  • Scale change
  • Force resize object
  • Widget disable support
  • Focus highlight enabled on/off
  • Focus highlight animation on/off
  • Each widget's description
  • Each widget's specific option change
  • Widget search
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