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EMPC is a client for the Music Player Daemon written using EFL.
Old Demo #1
Old Demo #2
Its areas of focus are speed-of-use and minimalism.

It does not support other media playing backends.

For most delicious taste, set MPD_HOST environment variable to the path of
mpd's local socket. Also ensure your user has access to this socket.


EMPC 0.99 Alpha GZIPbeb94c78699884ce8a82da45425dd8fde30c7b9feebe5f73a29922ba87f46463
EMPC 0.99 Alpha BZIP223179971f77e02062e75a0b1c598b76255074ff980f0211a9ce5bdc2730ee441
EMPC 0.99 Alpha XZ6efd921a1d393bfcfffaa7f07ee0d3720598269724f8f879e1875d2b9aa88bf0

Build Dependencies

EFL >= 1.12
Elementary >= 1.12
libmpdclient >= 2.9
maelstrom-azy (only if building from git)

Optional Module Dependencies

glyr_gmpcesskyuehlfetch images stored with glyr in sqlite database
glyrglyrremote media fetching using a metadata aggregator
id3_loaderid3tagread metadata from id3 tags
elyrmaelstrom-azyfetch lyrics directly from lyricwiki


The UI of EMPC is based on mouse movements and event areas.
Moving the mouse to an area of the application window
will trigger a change in the view state. Unless the current view
has been mouse-hold toggled or keyboard toggled using a global
hotkey, it will automatically hide after HIDE_TIMEOUT seconds.
Hints for available navigation appear when the view changes:

  • blue indicates a new view is available in a direction
  • red indicates the previous view is available in a direction

Mouse bindings for the player view and event area sizes can
be changed using the defines at the top of empc.edc.

Global hotkeys

F1Toggle playlist view
F2Toggle filesystem view

Player view

Navigation edgeChange to view
Rightplaylist view
Right for LOCK_TIMEOUT secondstoggle playlist view on
Bottomcontrols panel
Left clickplay/pause toggle
Double left clickbackground selector view
Right clickfetch+show lyrics
Wheel downnext track
Ctrl+Wheel downnext album
Wheel upprevious track
Ctrl+Wheel upprevious album
Ctrl+vpaste image url/data to use as background

Playlist view

Navigation edgeChange to view
Leftplayer view
Left for LOCK_TIMEOUT secondstoggle playlist view off
Upfilesystem view
Bottomcontrols panel
Ctrl+Wheel upscroll up to previous album header
Ctrl+Wheel downscroll down to next album header
Right clickplaylist menu
Ctrl+aselect all
Ctrl+ccopy current selection of songs
Ctrl+vpaste current selection of songs
Ctrl+Enterplaylist menu

Filesystem view

Navigation edgeChange to view
Bottomplaylist view

Typing on the keyboard in this view will actively search
available filesystem entities.

Double click/Return/Enterselect current entity
Arrowschange selection
Right clickfilesystem menu
Ctrl+aselect all
Ctrl+ccopy current selection of songs/directories
Ctrl+vpaste image url/data to use for image of current directory
  • only works if one directory is selected
Ctrl+Enterfilesystem menu
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