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Background and Icon Pools

There are 3 Types of Icons/Background you can use in Entrance.

  • Theme Icons/Backgrounds

Icons which are loaded from the active theme.

  • System Icons/Backgrounds

System icons are loaded from the system directory ("DATA_DIRECTORY/images/backgrounds" and "DATA_DIRECTORY/images/icons"). Those icons and backgrounds are useable for all the users.

  • User Icons/Backgrounds

User icons are loaded from the config directory in the homedirectory ("~/.config/entrance/images/icons" and "~/.config/entrance/images/backgrounds"). Those icons are just for the user, no one else can use them. Be sure the directorys are readable for the user "nobody".

The rest is just a copy of the README file TBSilver updated in the entrance source.

Entrance 0.0.5

Entrance is a Display Manager built ontop of the EFL. It uses pam to open the
session, and then allows the user to choose the Window Manager they want to

1. Basic Install

To build and install Entrance with basic settings, run the following commands:

./ --sysconfdir=/etc --prefix=/usr
sudo make install

2. Compiler Flags

There are various compiler options that can be passed to the script
when you run it.

2.1. PAM

The Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) integration is enabled by default. To
disable this integration, then add the compiler option


when running PAM does need to be present on your system for this to
work however.

2.2. Grub2

Support for the Grub2 reboot feature is enabled by default. To disable this
integration, add the compiler option


when running If you leave this enabled, for the option to actually
work, you will need to add or check that the following line is present in your
/etc/default/grub file


2.3. Virtual Keyboard

To disable Virtual Keyboard features, pass the following option to


2.4. Console Kit

To disable consolekit integration, pass the following option to


2.5. Edje Directory

If you have a custom edje_cc directory, set it with the following option

--with-edje-cc=<path to edje dir>

3. Requirements

3.1. Build Tools

For building the project, you require the following tools:


3.2. Installed Libraries

The following libraries need to be installed before Entrance will configure and


And probably a few more that ive missed

4. Configuration

The main configuration file is entrance.conf - this can be found in the config
dir defined in the compiler flags. see the file for the config options.

4.1. Icons

Each user can have a customised icon. Just put an edje file with the username
(for example foo) as the filename in


with the groupname


4.2. Pam

On systems not debian based, you may need to override the pam file. If this is
needed, then copy the data/entrance.other file to /etc/pam.d/entrance.

5. Thanks

BIG THX to for tux g1 ! Specificaly to all authors of
each tux present in this build.


  • Settingspane needs to update the backgrounds and icons if the theme changes.
  • The Icon of a user needs to change
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