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Enventor, a Dynamic EDC Editor

Enventor, which is also known as EDC (Edje Data Collections) Editor, is a EDC script editor tool that supports text editing and previewing functions for the EDC source code.

When your application requires real-time changeable layouts like animated ones, then you can write the layout design using EDC script, compile it into EDJ format file, and import it into your application using a UI layout component. You can also write design layouts from simple to complex ones using the EDC script with Enventor. Enventor helps you write EDC script code eaiser and finish your work faster. If you are not familiar with EDC programming, see Edje Programming Guide - for more information.


  • GUI based EDC text editor
  • Live view editor
  • Part highlighting relevant to current cursor positioning part
  • Customizable text syntax color
  • Visual dummy content (Spacer, Swallow ...)
  • Auto indentation & completion
  • Preview image resources.
  • EDC Hierarchy Navigation
  • View zooming
  • Part Wireframe
  • Sample code for quick start
  • Grammatical error detector
  • Workspace Support
  • Library Support

Demo videos

Package Download

Source Repository


To install just run:

make && make install

Once installed you can run Enventor from your application menu (in the Programming section), from the command line (with the command):

$ enventor [input file] [output file] [-t] [-i image path][-s sound path] [-f font path] [-d data path] [-w workspace]

input file = EDC file to open. If input file is skipped, Enventor will open a default template code with a temporary file.
-t = Open template menu when you launch Enventor
-i = image resources, that edc includes, path
-s = sound resources, that edc includes, path
-f = font resources, that edc includes, path
-d = data resources, that edc includes, path
-w = workspace path

Examples of Enventor command line usage:
$ enventor
$ enventor input.edc -i ./images
$ enventor input.edc output.edj -i ./images
$ enventor -t
$ enventor newfile.edc -t
$ enventor input.edc output.edj -i ./images -s ./sounds -w ./workspace

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