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Eovim Plugin - Filenotify

Filenotify is an Eovim plugin that warns the user through Eovim's user interface when a file open in Eovim was changed from the outside.

Neovim API

To make filenotify work, Eovim defines two vim APIs:

  • when a file has been read by neovim,
  • when a file has been written by neovim.

Both APIs use the Eovim() function, with "filenotify" as the first argument:

API1st argument2nd argument3rd argument
File Read"filenotify"file name1
File Written"filenotify"file name0

For example, this API can be used as follows:

function! OnReadFile (file_matched)
   call Eovim("filenotify", a:file_matched, 1)

function! OnWriteFile (file_matched)
   call Eovim("filenotify", a:file_matched, 0)

And then triggered using neovim's autocmd:

augroup EovimFileNotify
   autocmd BufNewFile,BufReadPre,FileReadPre * call OnReadFile(expand('<amatch>'))
   autocmd BufWritePre * call OnWriteFile(expand('<amatch>'))
augroup END


Eovim (e.g. the filenotify plugin) is made aware when a file has been read or written thanks to the neovim API presented above. During its lifetime, filenotify follows the following statechart regarding files edited within neovim:

  • Existing files read by neovim are monitored (through an Ecore_File_Monitor).
  • Upon write from inside neovim, filenotify shall receive a message, to try to distinguish external writes from internal writes.
  • If a file is changed and the internal write signal was not received within a given window of time, the file is marked as being changed from the outside.
  • Newly created files do not need to be registered, until they are written to the disk.
  • When a file is closed, it is unregistered.
IMPORTANT: since the detection of the writes is asynchronous and not built-in into neovim, there may be priority inversions where a file is simultaneously written by both neovim and from the outside. In some cases, the filenotify plugin may not detect that the file was written from outside neovim.
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