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Unified EFL
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The Unified EFL is our upcoming re-imagining of the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries. Designed from the ground up to be better organised and easier to work with than our previous organically developed API it also aims to be much better at binding into different languages.
The main area of documentation is on our website developer pages but this area is used in addition to track the design, development and future of the Unified EFL.

The API is built around Eo (Enlightenment objects) which were most recently documented here. The main difference to the design is that we adopted the "efl_" prefix for consistency. This means, for example, that eo_add in the Eo 4 document becomes efl_add and eo_del is efl_del etc.
The main API documentation is available to browse on our website.
As with any project that attempts to solve many technical challenges over various platforms there are certain design tradeoffs that we have had to make which are documented for future reference.

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