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Using different wallpapers on different virtual desktops
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Enlightenment allows the user to specify different wallpapers (including animated ones) for different virtual desktops. Apart of being fun, it's extremely satisfying if you use the "fade" transition. One could even argue that specific backgrounds for specific virtual locations helps the end-user to organize his work...


Access to this feature is of the utmost simplicity for the GUI-minded user:

  • click on your desktop, or on your e_menu, go to configuration > wallpaper,
  • click the "advanced" tab in the pop-up window, unless you previously configured E17 to always display "advanced" features of configs,
  • select "this desktop" instead of the default "all desktop" in the right - lower area of the pop-up,
  • if needed, un-tick the use theme wallpaper box.
  • Select your wallpaper either among original, downloaded .edj files or your own graphic stuff with either the personal or system tick-boxes or the Picture... button to choose from. Any of your own graphic files will be automatically imported by E17 as .edj into ~/.e/e/backgrounds & will fill the personal list.


  • The configuration of this desktop as opposed to all desktop is non-permanent (Bug or feature?), you'll have to reselect this desktop if you close the Wallpaper configuration window. Easiest workaround is to do it all one shot: simply define the desired wallpaper on one virtual screen, click apply then drag the configuration window to the next screen & repeat procedure.
  • To make the advanced config selector permanent, go to menu > configuration > configuration panel, select advanced on the left pane of the configuration window, and select advanced mode.
  • Supported filetypes are at least .png & .jpg.
  • Unlike E16, you do not need to copy yourself files into the /.e/e/backgrounds folder, E17 features a file browser on the upper right corner allowing you to browse either your personal images or downloaded .edj ready-made wallpapers.
  • Ready-made .edj files and themes can be downloaded from . They feature animated ones, too !


  • Assess the this screen feature with multiple monitors
  • Fill the list of supported graphic files compatibility: .gif, .xpm, .tiff, .raw,... ?
  • Check the use wallpaper Theme tick box, how is it being overridden by the wallpaper selection.

This chapter checked, tried & tested; certified correct & true on Fedora7 "dider" repositories build of E17 Snapshot 2007/08/27

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