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Virtual Desktop Settings
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As with almost everything in Enlightenment, you're not stuck with the Virtual Desktop setup that appeared at installation.

To change the layout and appearance, use the Virtual Desktops Settings dialog. This can be accessed in two ways:

  • Right-click on the Pager and select Virtual Desktop Settings.
  • Menu > Settings > All > Screen > Virtual Desktops.

In the Virtual Desktops Settings window that appears, you can adjust the number of rows and columns with the vertical and horizontal sliders respectively.

Below this are two checkboxes:

  • Flip when dragging objects to the screen edge is currently disabled and has no effect whether checked or not.
  • Wrap desktops around when flipping controls whether the system will switch back to the first desktop after reaching the last

Click on any of the desktops and a Desk Settings window will appear. In this window, not only can you change the name of the Virtual Desktop, but you can also choose any image in your computer as the background for any particular Virtual Desktop by clicking on the Set button. In the Wallpaper Settings window that pops up, you can select a system wallpaper or you can click on the Picture button to open the Select a Picture dialogue and select your own background:

Navigate to the folder with your background picture for this Virtual Desktop, select it, and click the OK button. Repeat this sequence for all of your Virtual Desktops if you want alternate wallpapers per desktop.

Some of the information contained in this document was used, with permission, from the Bodhi Guide to Enlightenment.

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