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Virtual Desktops Moving Windows
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In another display of Enlightenment's versatility, there is more than one way to move an application between Virtual Desktops.

The first is to right-click anywhere on the title bar of the window you would like to move, scroll down to Move To and select the desktop in which you wish it to be moved.

The second method is to left-click and drag the small icon in the top-left of the window, then drag-and-drop it in the Pager onto the Virtual Desktop thumbnail you want it to be placed in.

*Note: If you find you've moved a window to another Virtual Desktop and it is in a position that is partially off the screen to where you can't grab the title bar to reposition the window, there is a simple fix: just hold down the Alt key then click-and-hold anywhere on the visible part of the window. You can then drag the window to where you would like it. Alternatively, you can go to Main Menu > Windows and click Cleanup Windows.

Some of the information contained in this document was used, with permission, from the Bodhi Guide to Enlightenment.

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