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Elementary_test comparison between wayland and x11

All applications from elementary_test are tested manually on the 3 engines: wayland_shm, egl and x11.

The objectivre is to provide a global quality status and identify gaps. Differences noticed visually beween engines are reported in enlightment's tracker.

General comments


GLViewSimple: CRASH


In general buttons often need to be clicked more than once to actually produce something


Fail to set cursor in all tests


Transit 3 (Button flip): while flipping, position changes in Y axis
Transit 4 (Zoom effect): Button should stay on the center of the screen
Transit 7 (Resizable Flip Effect): Button position changes in Y axis


General: Cursor offset in Y axis in all tests, Anchor offset in Y axis in all tests
Entry 3, 5: Copy and Paste does not work
Entry 7: Icon offset in Y axis
Entry 8: Entry with icon gets resized. Also happens in X11, but there is a similar case in "Entry Scrolled" test which does not have this issue.
Entry Anchor 1: Anchor click does not work for first bubble
Entry Anchor 1, 2: Popup menu when anchor is clicked appear in the correct position


Focus indicator offset in Y axis
Shift-tab does not work


Naviframe: Clicking next on the first page repositons the view a bit above
Naviframe Complex: Changing views repositions the view below during the animation


Ctxpopup: Popup arrow position does not correspond to the mouse click, being positioned below of where the click happened
Hover 1, 2
"Shadow" rect is off a bit on Y axis to the top
Tooltip: Position of the tooltip is off on Y axis, Tooltip for list items "Hello", "Big Icon Tooltip" and "Insanely Big Icon Tooltip" create new windows


Scroller 1: Buttons positioning is wrong. Again shifted on the Y axis a bit down.


File Selector {Entry,Button}: Text overlay (anchor, see entry) offset in Y axis
Hoversel: Same as Hover ("Shadow" rectangle position)
Menu 1, 2: Same "Shadow" problem as Hover and Hoversel, Menu does not appear in the correct position.

Stored Surface buffer

Launcher 1, 2, 3: Fullscreen does not work


All tests: "Shadow" issue, Menu position

Window / Background

Window Inline: Does not work at all
Window states 1, 2: Rotation does not work



Tested from revision #75495 to #75728.

Results per number of applications and percentage

x11160: 89.9%10: 5.6%8: 4.5%178
wayland_shm125: 70.2%45: 25.3%8: 4.5%178
wayland_egl133: 74.7%37: 20.8%8: 4.5%178

Bugs status

Reproduced bugs
  • ticket:1267 - wayland_shm Flickering during Flip animations
  • ticket:1282 - Wayland Window rotation non-functional
  • ticket:1308 - elementary_test/wayland_egl engine: glview segfault when exiting
New bugs
  • ticket:1326 - wayland_shm Slowing down and flash in transition box
  • ticket:1329 - wayland_shm flickering when pressing buttons of Table 4
  • ticket:1330 - egl Circular status progress is frozen in Cursor
  • ticket:1370 - wayland_egl strange smiley appears when navigating in Focus 4
  • ticket:1374 - wayland_shm Flash in Gesture Layer
  • ticket:1375 - wayland_egl Pictures appear with a bottom border in Gesture Layer
  • ticket:1376 - egl Title bar responds to gestures in Gesture Layer 2
  • ticket:1383 - egl Title bar size is decreased when changing frame
  • ticket:1389 - egl Frames go down several pixels when we change the view in Naviframe 2
  • ticket:1390 - shm Popup's arrow is displayed several pixels at the bottom of the cursor
  • ticket:1391 - egl Big icon tooltips do not follow cursor's movements
  • ticket:1392 - egl Tooltips are sometimes popped up too far from the cursor
  • ticket:1413 - egl Segmentation fault when playing with the disks of Disk Selector API 14
  • ticket:1414 - egl Setting "Folder only mode" does not always work in File Selector Button
  • ticket:1415 - egl Icons are not instantaneously drawn when selecting Full Screen in Launcher 3
  • ticket:1416 - egl Click is again performed at the same position after a long click
  • ticket:1417 - egl Strange bar appears at the bottom of the screen when opening menu in toolbars
  • ticket:1418 - egl Menu is displayed several pixels below the toolbar in toolbar 8
  • ticket:1419 - egl There is a title bar in Window Inline that we don't see in x11
Closed bugs
  • ticket:1188 - Wayland elementary_test:copy and paste don't work
  • ticket:1262 - Incorrect position of cursor in elm_entry widget on wayland engine
  • ticket:1268 - Button click events are not always handled
  • ticket:1294 - Wayland Mouse Cursors (pointers) are incorrect at times
  • ticket:1295 - Wayland Numerous anchor issues
  • ticket:1327 - wayland_shm You can't delete text by long pressing backspace in Grid
  • ticket:1328 - wayland_shm Button not well displayed in GLViewSimple
  • ticket:1331 - egl Buttons hidden in Flip
  • ticket:1336 - egl Input text field does not scroll down until the end when you press [End] in entry 3
  • ticket:1363 - shm You can't navigate using Shift+Tab in Focus


ListsGenlist Decorate modesPASSPASSPASS
ListsGenlist Flip modePASSPASSPASS
ListsGenlist Full widgetPASSPASSPASS
ListsGenlist GroupPASSPASSPASS
ListsGenlist Group treePASSPASSPASS
ListsGenlist recorder modePASSPASSPASS
ListsGenlist TextblockPASSPASSPASS
ListsGenlist treePASSPASSPASS
ListsGenlist tree and decorate all modePASSPASSPASS
ListsGenlist tree, insert relativePASSPASSPASS
ListsGenlist tree, insert sortedPASSPASSPASS
ListsList - HorizontalPASSPASSPASS
MiscellaneousCopy and pastePASSFail ~ Does not workFail ~ Does not work#1188
MiscellaneousFloating objectsPASSFAIL ~ FlickeringPASS#1267
MiscellaneousIcon DesktopsBLOCKEDBLOCKEDBLOCKEDneed pre-configurations?
MiscellaneousWeatherBLOCKEDBLOCKEDBLOCKEDDoes not work even if libweather is installed
NaviframeNaviframePASSFail ~ Title bar decreasedFail ~ Title bar decreased#1383
NaviframeNaviframe 2PASSPASSPASS
NaviframeNaviframe complexPASSFAIL ~ Frames go downFAIL ~ Frames go down#1389
PopupsCtxpopupPASSFail ~ Wrong position of the popup's arrowFail ~ Wrong position of the popup's arrow#1390
PopupsPopupPASSFAIL ~ flashPASS#1374
PopupsTooltipPASSFAIL ~ Big icon tooltip does not follow cursor's movements ~ Sometimes popped up too far from the cursorFAIL ~ Big icon tooltip does not follow cursor's movements ~ Sometimes popped up too far from the cursor#1391 #1392
PopupsTooltip 2PASSFail ~ Wrong position of the popup's arrowFail ~ Wrong position of the popup's arrow#1390
Range valuesProgressbarPASSPASSPASS
Range valuesSliderPASSPASSPASS
Range valuesSpinnerPASSPASSPASS
ScrollerScroller 2PASSPASSPASS
SelectorsColor selectorPASSPASSPASS
SelectorsDisk selectorFail ~ Several errors in log ~ Seg fault in API 14Fail ~ Several errors in log ~ Seg fault in API 14Fail ~ Several errors in log ~ Seg fault in API 14#1413
SelectorsFile selectorPASSPASSPASS
SelectorsDisk selector buttonFail ~ Folder only mode does not workFail ~ Folder only mode does not workFail ~ Folder only mode does not work#1414
SelectorsFile selector entryPASSPASSPASS
SelectorsFlip entryPASSFail ~ Flickering when selecting flip intensivelyPASS#1267
SelectorsHoverselPASSFail ~ Flickering when selecting labels and some iconsPASS#1267
SelectorsIndex 2PASSPASSPASS
SelectorsMenuPASSFail ~ Title bar does not work correctlyFail ~ Title bar does not work correctly#1376
SelectorsMenu 2PASSFail ~ Title bar does not work correctlyFail ~ Title bar does not work correctly#1376
SelectorsSegment controlPASSPASSPASS
StandardizationConformant 2PASSPASSPASS
Stored Surface BufferLauncherPASSPASSPASS
Stored Surface BufferLauncher 2PASSFail ~ Flickering when selecting Full ScreenPASS#1267
Stored Surface BufferLauncher 3PASSFail ~ icons missingFail ~ icons missing#1415
Times & DatesCalendarPASSPASSPASS
Times & DatesCalendar 2PASSPASSPASS
Times & DatesCalendar 3PASSPASSPASS
Times & DatesClockPASSPASSPASS
Times & DatesClock 2PASSPASSPASS
Times & DatesClock 3PASSFail ~ Click broken after a long clickFail ~ Click broken after a long click#1416
Times & DatesDatetimeBLOCKED ~ Error in logBLOCKED ~ Error in logBLOCKED ~ Error in log
ToolbarsToolbars 2PASSPASSPASS
ToolbarsToolbars 3PASSPASSPASS
ToolbarsToolbars 4PASSPASSPASS
ToolbarsToolbars 5PASSPASSPASS
ToolbarsToolbar 6PASSFail ~ Stange bar at the bottom of the screenFail ~ Stange bar at the bottom of the screen#1417
ToolbarsToolbar 7PASSFail ~ Flickering between 'elementary' and 'menu'PASS#1267
ToolbarsToolbar 8PASSFail ~ Gap between toolbar and menuFail ~ Gap between toolbar and menu#1418
Window / BackgroundBg ImagePASSPASSPASS
Window / BackgroundBg OptionsPASSFail ~ Flickering when show overlay is activatedPASS#1267
Window / BackgroundBg PlainBLOCKEDBLOCKEDBLOCKEDWhite screen
Window / BackgroundInwinPASSPASSPASS
Window / BackgroundInwin 2PASSPASSPASS
Window / BackgroundWindow InlinePASSFail ~ Additional title barFail ~ Additional title bar#1419
Window / BackgroundWindow PlugPASSPASSPASS
Window / BackgroundWindow SocketPASSPASSPASS
Window / BackgroundWindow statesPASSFail ~ Does not rotateFail ~ Does not rotate#1282
Window / BackgroundWindow states 2PASSFail ~ Does not rotateFail ~ Does not rotate#1282

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