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X11 Options
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One might want to use the following options when starting X11 in order to have better experience. Consult your distribution manual on how to have these options used:

  • -br start X11 with a black root window instead of the black-white checker pattern;
  • -wr start X11 with a white root window instead of the black-white checker pattern;
  • +bs have X11 to use backing store. You might like to use -wm as well and some drivers might require Option "BackingStore" "true"

in /etc/X11/xorg.conf under section "Devices". Usually windows contents are not stored by X server, instead it will request applications to repaint dirty areas with an "expose event". Slow applications as Firefox will take some time to redraw such areas
and you might see garbage until that happens. Using BackingStore will have X to store such contents and use them until application updates, working around some visual glitches (animated desktop flip will work far better).

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